PDA Is Not Okay, But Only If You Are Gay: Harassment At A Public Pool (VIDEO)

I have some peculiar feelings about rules against Public Displays of Affection (PDA). Well maybe not peculiar: just very different from what we are all being told to believe is “normal.” My feeling is that kissing someone in public may actually cause young people who see it to realize that human beings are healthier people when they are affectionate, or at least that affection is normal and natural. Now, I also don’t see a difference between two men, two women, a man and a woman, a grandma and grandpa, or a teen couple doing so. I guess some people do, though, and that is fine, as long as they aren’t stepping all over someone’s rights to express their opinion.

Before you watch this video, I want you to think hard: What is unacceptable PDA in a public place where touching and bare skin are in the norm?

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Let us be honest for a moment and fix in our minds what level of PDA is enough to roust a lifeguard from his or her perch to scold and embarrass a couple, then summarily call in management without any sort of discussion? Okay, now that you have that in your head: How about if there is no posted rule against PDA?  Um, with no rule against it posted I would say that you could get pretty close to dry-humping before anyone would call the management without so much as a warning, right?

Wrong! Just ask Brandon Roper and Giuseppe Cellura, an engaged couple. They were shocked that “PG” behavior, such as the swift peck during pool games, which any family would engage in, was singled out. Not only because they were with family there, but because others were doing the same thing at the same place and were not called out for it. The only difference was the genitalia of the people involved, and that is a sad statement indeed.

Brandon and Giuseppe claim they gave each other a “peck” on the lips while at the Tehama Ridge Pool last week. What followed would have shocked any couple, and it did shock this couple and one very annoyed mother, also.

“You can’t do that!” the 19 year old lifeguard exclaimed, “I’m calling the management!”

According to Queerty Magazine:

“The pool manager, who also happened to be the lifeguard’s older brother, asked the couple a few questions about what happened. When they told him, he replied by saying that public displays of affection were strictly forbidden.

“‘Is there a rule about PDA?’ Roper replied. ‘Or is it just because we’re gay?’

“Roper then went to check the official rule board posting at the pool’s entrance to find no mention of PDA anywhere.”

All of this is on video, and the pool management company only released a statement saying the young lifeguard was fired. Their “goal is to maintain a family atmosphere,” the statement also included. Seriously, family friendly doesn’t mean no PDA allowed, and shouldn’t in my opinion. It certainly doesn’t mean to harass people at the pool for acting like a normal family. Shame on them for not issuing an apology to Brandon and Guiseppe for the not family friendly behavior displayed by the poorly trained lifeguard and management.

What do you think?


Featured image via Huntress’ Uncommon Sense

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