Parisians Open Their Homes To Strangers In Light Of Attacks

While the Conservatives in the U.S were spreading fear and using the tragedy to push their hate-filled agendas, the residents of Paris were busy leading with compassion and taking part in a truly unselfish act that was not only kind, but brave.

Parisians used #PorteOuverte, meaning “open door,” to tweet their personal addresses for strangers in need of a safe place during the attacks. With the shootings, hostage situation and explosions, it was not safe for anyone to be on the streets.

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In the past two days I have mainly seen ignorant hate Tweets disguised as actual concern. Seeing positive tweets like this one truly refreshing.


What’s astounding is the reach this hashtag has had. This isn’t just an act of kindness limited to Paris- these tweets show just how far social media can be spread and used for something positive while inspiring brave hearts to open their doors all over.




The people of Paris are not only turning to social media. They are coming together in groups and unifying as one strong force against the dark forces of terrorism. They realize that this situation calls for light and adding more hate will only lead to more sorrow and lives lost.

May their compassion be an example to us all.


Featured image via Twitter.

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