Parents Upset Over Perplexing High School ‘Unity’ Meeting…For Black Students ONLY (VIDEO)

Parents at a Houston, Texas area high school are upset over a meeting planned by school officials to which only black students were invited. Administration at Klein Oak High School, in Spring, a Houston suburb scheduled a “Unity Rally” at 8:15 a.m. on November 12, according to KTRK. They say that the event was planned to talk about the support that black students have at the school.

It’s not clear if the meeting was scheduled because of student protests that have erupted over racial issues at the University of Missouri and other colleges. The “rally” was apparently planned on Monday, following the announcement last weekend from black football players at Missouri that they would not participate in football activities until the university addressed a series of racial incidents at the school.

KTRK, via The Blaze

KTRK, via The Blaze

Klein Oak school district officials said that the idea for the “unity rally” was developed by both black students and administrators. KTRK reports that when asked why only black students were being allowed to attend, school officials said they wanted those students to feel comfortable in the meeting. Apparently they didn’t explain why the presence of white, Hispanic and Asian students might make black students feel uncomfortable.

Some parents are puzzled as to why a so-called “unity” rally would only involve African-American students.

One mother said that she wasn’t happy about the meeting, and planned to go to the school to see what it was all about. Her comments call into question the district’s claim that the meeting was a joint effort among administration and black students. According to the unnamed woman, black students are puzzled as to why they were the only ones asked or allowed to attend.

It may be that this was simply a poorly conceived but well-meaning attempt to be proactive in addressing concerns of minority students. Or it could be an attempt to send a message to black students, who make up only 10 percent of the school population according to the high school website, that no protests regarding racial issues will be tolerated.

At this point there is no word on whether the “rally” took place as scheduled this morning, or what exactly was said.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available to If You Only News.

Here’s a report, from KTRK:

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