Painfully Ignorant Sean Hannity Doesn’t Get Why Gays Are Upset At Indiana Law, But Not Sharia Law (VIDEO)

Sean Hannity was joined by convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza on his Fox News show, to talk about the new “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” in Indiana. Never one to miss an opportunity to bring the Muslim religion into the conversation, Hannity wants to know why gay rights supporters are upset about the new Indiana law, but aren’t upset about Sharia law.

Hannity observes that homosexuals are mistreated under Sharia law, and says,

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Gays and lesbians, they might disagree with me on gay marriage, or they might disagree with somebody — a religious person as it relates to their Christian views, but why are they so silent on the bigger issues of the day, which would be taking on radical Islamists?

Well, Sean, it might seem odd to you, but gay citizens in Indiana are seeing their rights threatened by Indiana law, not by Sharia law. But, that’s how Fox rolls. Everything has to be tied into the larger theme of “the Muslims are coming, the Muslims are coming!”

D’Souza responds to Hannity by making the observation,

Not only do you not see the left talking about gays and lesbians abroad, but even at home, you’ll rarely find homosexuals trying to force a Muslim baker to bake a cake for a gay wedding. In other words, this is a selective attack on Christianity.

The possibility that maybe American Muslim bakers (or, for that matter, Jewish bakers, or bakers with any religious beliefs other than Christianity) have never refused to bake cakes for same sex weddings doesn’t seem to have entered D’Souza’s mind.

Hannity doesn’t get why liberals are more upset over gay rights in Indiana than women’s rights in Saudi Arabia.

Hannity doesn’t get why the left isn’t concerned about gays being persecuted in Muslim countries, or, why liberals aren’t upset about women not being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. D’Souza thinks he has the perfect answer for that.

If they [liberals] were to mount a strong attack on radical Islam and its treatment of gays and lesbians, that would strengthen American foreign policy. That would make the case for more U.S. involvement or intervention. They don’t want that.

American liberals won’t condemn radical Islam’s treatment of gays and lesbians because it would “strengthen American foreign policy?” Maybe American liberals don’t have time for that because they’re too busy fighting radical Christianity’s treatment of gays and lesbians here at home.

Of course, Hannity also has to get in a subtle shot at Hillary Clinton, by bringing up the Clinton Foundation. He suggests that maybe that organization should stop taking money from countries that oppress gays and women. Those countries, according to Hannity, include Saudi Arabia, the UAE (United Arab Emirates), and a country that exists only in Hannity’s mind — “Imam.”

Here’s the conversation, via D’Souza’s YouTube channel. It’s seven minutes of Hannity insanity.

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