Painfully Ignorant Fox Guest: Only Racists Want To Talk About Race (VIDEO)

On March 21, Fox News’s Eric Bolling hosted a panel to discuss the recent announcement by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, that Starbucks employees would encouraged to have a dialog about race with customers. The conversation took place on Bolling’s show, Cashin’ In.

Surprisingly, Bolling, and most of the panel, are sympathetic to Schultz’s idea. Lisa Boothe, a senior director at the conservative Black Rock Group, isn’t sure that Starbucks is the place to have this discussion, but she supports the company’s right to do it and thinks the discussion is important. Bolling himself tells Fox’s token liberal, Juan Williams, that he thinks it’s a good idea. Even former M*A*S*H cast member, Wayne Rogers, who now often seems to be playing the part of someone’s crazy uncle, is fine with it.

Then comes Jonathan Hoenig. Hoenig is the founder of the Capitalist Pig hedge fund. He’s a disciple of Ayn Rand who gives a copy of Rand’s bookAtlas Shrugged, to every new client, according to Think Advisor. After Williams finishes his comment, Hoenig can barely contain himself, and tries to break in as Bolling turns to Rogers for his opinion.

When Hoenig finally gets his turn, these are the first words out of his mouth: “Eric, there is no discussion needed on race.”

After saying that, in America, people are “treated as individuals,” regardless of skin color, Hoenig offers this advice:

Stop identifying by your race. You’re not responsible for things that came before you, and you’re not entitled to things that came before you.

But, it isn’t good enough for Hoenig to leave it there. He concludes by repeating his original assertion that there is no discussion on race that is needed, then he doubles down, by adding, “the ones who want the discussion, in my opinion, are the racists.”

Hoenig doesn’t think that white people and black people have different issues that concern them, and he says so. But then, as a white man, Hoenig has never been stopped for “driving while white.” He has never had to sit down with his son for “the talk,” that happens regularly in black families. Hoenig is a walking, talking, breathing example of white privilege, and he is too stupid or naive to see it.

Here’s the video, via YouTube:


H/T: RawStory | Image via screen capture from YouTube

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