Orlando Shooter Bought His Guns From A Muslim Hating Ex-Cop Right-Wing ‘Good Guy’ (VIDEO)

Ed Hensen is a retired NYPD police officer and the owner of the St. Lucie Shooting Center on Florida’s Treasure Coast. Ed Hensen is also a right-wing jackwagon who spews the typical anti-Muslim, Obama wants yer gunz rhetoric we’ve grown so fond of hearing from ignorant a**holes.

There is no story here. The Orlando shooter walked into Hensen’s business and wasn’t turned away because he looked like a Muslim. He wasn’t discriminated against. The almighty dollar is far more important to bigots, because bigots are shallow and weak. The Orlando shooter walked in and presented his valid ID and passed the background checks and paid for his purchase and that was that. Ed Hensen did nothing wrong.

Hensen, after being shut down by ATF for what is undoubtedly routine investigation — a concealed weapons class was allowed to continue — held a press conference to say exactly that:

So why bother writing about this at all? The guy had to get his guns somewhere; what difference does it make if this particular stain on the underwear of humanity got his business? Because for this idiot to stand there, put “all politics aside” as he used every right-wing keyword emphatically — tossing useless prayers at people who couldn’t give a sh*t less about his sympathy — and give “the facts of the case” means that he had to admit, on camera, that everything he believes is a lie.

He says it twice he’s so impressed with himself. “He passed a background check that every person who buys a gun in the sate of Florida has to pass.”

Background checks are a complete failure is what you mean to say, because the NRA buys enough United States senators to block bills that would have placed that “evil person” on the list with all the other evil people. This guy had to stand there and admit that President Obama was right on the money when he said this:

Why does that matter? How do we know that Hensen is a right-wing tyranny-fearing, Islam bashing fear monger? According to the NY Daily News, from his Facebook page. They report that before either being deleted or having the privacy settings changed, Hensen has posted lots of the kind of things you’d find being made fun of on Sweet Tears of Teabilly Butthurt or torn apart by The Voice Of Reason.

According to The Daily News:

In December of last year, Henson posted to Facebook an image reading ‘In the name of freedom: F–k Islam, F–k Allah. F–k Muhammad. F–k the Koran. F–k people who support terrorism.’

Other posts on his page are filled with rants critical of black lives matters protesters and President Obama.

In November he wrote alongside an image of Obama, “He should be handcuffed, removed from Office and charged with Treason and then publicly executed! How can the American People and military stand by and do nothing while this piece of s–t puts everyone of us in danger.’

And that, Ed Hensen, is why you are the piece of feces stuck to the bottom of this week’s horrifying shoe of death. Take your guns, take your store, your beliefs and your ignorance and stick them straight up your a**.

Featured image via screen capture

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