O’Reilly TROLLED SPEECHLESS After Guest Exposes Bill’s Man-Crush On Trump (VIDEO)

Every once in a while, there are moments on Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor that are really worth watching. On Thursday’s episode, Bill O’Reilly’s hilarious and indignant reaction to being called Donald Trump’s Best Friend Forever (BFF) was priceless.

It started with his guest, Fox News’ resident conservative comedian/troll Greg Gutfeld. For those who don’t know, Gutfeld has been attacking Trump and his supporters for months. Meanwhile, the rest of the network, except for Megyn Kelly, have kissed Trump’s ass for many years now. Here’s what Gutfeld had to say in late March about Trump’s nomination.

We, as a show, are facing internal strife. From a micro-level to a macro-level. You could look at conservative websites like Breitbart, how much that has fallen apart since the Trump nomination. You can look at The Five. On any given day, we have tension over this nomination, over this candidate. You can look at our network at a whole …where we are having issues within a family of anchors over this stuff. You can look at the Party. So in every area where there is conservatism, there is strife. And I just remember the good old days where we could all unite against the hatred for Obama. When it was so easy.

…It’ll be back. But somehow, Trump has shattered that, and now we’re sitting here, we’re grappling with this internal strife and we have no way to get out of this. So when we’re talking about the convention and we’re talking about how do we improve this, we actually have to talk amongst ourselves as conservatives, as Republicans. Can we express our grievances honestly about how we feel about this so that we can move beyond? So we can unite. I’m not talking like an encounter group, but I’m saying we all have to be honest with each other.

During the show, Gutfeld used O’Reilly’s words against him after the talk show host painted himself into a corner. Here’s a transcript.

BILL O’REILLY (HOST): Everybody was skeptical of his ability to mount a campaign.

GREG GUTFELD: Do you know who was most skeptical? Donald Trump. He never thought this was going to happen.

O’REILLY: I don’t buy that for a minute. I do not buy that for a minute.

GUTFELD: You know what he’s like, Bill? He’s like a guy that in high school that decides to go out for a play just to impress a girl and he gets the lead. And he’s like, “I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t like Pippin. I hate Pippin.”

O’REILLY: I will tell you, that is so wrong. I read that stuff on the internet.

GUTFELD: You have no proof, Bill. You have no proof.

O’REILLY: Of course I do.

GUTFELD: Where is it? Show me your proof.

O’REILLY: Of course I do. I mean I’ve known this guy for 30 years, okay? I’ve been to ball games with him. He doesn’t do stuff —

GUTFELD: There you go, a little personal friendship there, eh, Bill?

O’Reilly didn’t like that at all. He was visibly flabbergasted and aghast with an indignant expression of “HOW DARE YOU?” painted on his bright red face. After gathering himself, O’Rielly replied:

Yes, okay. Yeah, I know the guy pretty well.” But, he added, “What you’re saying is a bunch of crap.

Occasionally, not very often, someone at Fox News has a fleeting moment of clarity. In these brief moments, they indicate that they still have a tenuous connection with reality. It’s sad that a comedian working for a major news network has more perspective on Trump than 99 percent of his “serious news” colleagues. Make no mistake, Gutfeld is still a conservative troll who routinely attacks progressives like the loyal attack dog he’s paid to be. However, every once in a while even a well-trained dog can pee on the carpet. Here’s another great quote from Gutfeld during that segment.

Here’s another great quote from Gutfeld during that segment.

Friends criticize people they like, right? Criticism is the engine of truth. …Yes-men and sycophants are the worst thing that can happen to them. …You never insult people you don’t like…

Here’s the video.


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