Oregon Police Receive Death Threats After LaVoy Finicum Shooting, #BlueLivesMatter Is Silent (VIDEO)

The recently ended standoff in Oregon between Ammon Bundy’s militants and law enforcement was peaceful for the most part, but it took a violent turn on January 26, with the arrest of Bundy and the fatal shooting of his sidekick Robert “LaVoy” Finicum. In the wake of that shooting, the Oregon State Police are saying that they have been receiving death threats from all over the country.

According to KOIN, the problem has been of enough concern that the superintendent of the state police went to the office of a Democratic state legislator to ask for his help. Representative Jeff Barker introduced a bill to temporarily keep private the name of the state trooper involved in the shooting. That bill passed out of committee by a unanimous vote. The bill covers more than the officer in this case, however. It would allow the police to go in front of a judge and request that the name of any officer involved in a shooting be withheld from the public for 90 days, providing the police can provide evidence of a credible threat to the officer’s life.

But what is really interesting about this story is the total silence from the #BlueLivesMatter crowd. Every time a #BlackLivesMatter protest takes place, the #BlueLivesMatter people are out in force, accusing them of all sorts of anti-police behavior — behavior that largely exists only in the minds of the #BlueLivesMatter folks. But when a right-wing militant gets shot by an officer, and that militant’s supporters make threats against the police? An eerie outer space-like silence ensues from the folks who claim to love the police sooooooooo much.

Don’t take my word for it. Google these search terms and see what you get: “LaVoy Finicum #BlueLivesMatter.” If your search results are like mine, you won’t find a single thing from any so-called “pro-police” activists, supporting the Oregon State Police. What you will find is an article from Patheos that calls Finicum a “martyr.”

Change that search to “Oregon State Police #BlueLivesMatter” and the results are similar. Giving credit where credit is due, one of the results of that search leads to an article on the conservative site Red State, that calls out the #BlueLivesMatter people. That piece is titled, “If #BlueLivesMatter, a line must be drawn in Oregon.” But again, if your search is like mine, you will find no support for the Oregon trooper or his colleagues, no condemnation of Finicum, Bundy or any of the other occupiers, from anyone claiming to be connected with #BlueLivesMatter.

The #BlueLivesMatter Facebook page is also completely silent on the issue.

So I ask of those who support #BlueLivesMatter. Do all blue lives matter? Or just those allegedly killed by black assailants? Answer carefully, your racism is showing.

Here’s a report on the threats being made to Oregon police, via KOIN:

Featured image via KOIN screen capture

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