‘Open The Window Or I’ll SHOOT’: Woman Threatens ‘Suspicious’ Muslim Couple For Sitting In Car (VIDEO)

The “Red Scare” of the 1950s is now turning to the modern “Qur’an Scare” as misguided anti-Muslim sentiment continues to fester in the United States like a pimple in the ear.

Take Majida and Adly Abumayaleh of Maple Grove, Minn. — they drove a few miles through town last Friday to pick their son up from a friend’s house on the 9200 block of Woodhall Bay, only to be deemed “suspicious” by a woman in the neighborhood and threatened with a rifle. The couple was waiting in their car in the driveway for their son to exit his friend’s home when they were accosted by 48-year-old Nancy Kay Knoble.

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Majida Abumayaleh recounted:

She said you are suspicious in this neighborhood. She told me, ‘Open the window! Open the window!’ We couldn’t do anything. I was frozen.


(Image courtesy of Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office)

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Majida alleges the then unknown woman approached her and her husband, Adly, around 11 p.m., making threats, wielding a gun and being rude. Authorities seem to agree with Abumayaleh’s claims. She also stated that neither she nor her husband were armed. They weren’t even standing outside their car, so they certainly were not attempting to appear suspicious and provoke anyone. They were just Americans who happen to be Muslim going about normal, everyday life.

But that, apparently, was enough to set off local resident Knoble. She began violently pounding their windows, insisting they step out of the car. When they didn’t, Adly stated:

She pulled the rifle and said open the window or I’ll shoot you guys.

Not knowing the mental stability of the woman, and of course being very frightened, the couple cooperated and did whatever they were told from there, simply to survive and keep the situation from escalating further.

Adly said:

She said, ‘Get out of [the] car! You need to prove your son is here!’ and I said, ‘Okay.’ I got out and she put the gun at my back and said, ‘Walk to the house.’

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Of course, being honest, everyday Americans with nothing to hide, the Abumayaleh’s son did emerge from his friend’s house in order to go home with his parents, and he must have been pretty shocked, too, to see a crazy white woman holding a gun to her father’s back, but according to the Abumayaleh’s, Knoble did soften somewhat and “back off” from the couple. Unfortunately, the bigotry, racism, and trauma has already been pushed onto this family. Majida said through tears:

I thought, I am going to die this night.

Knoble can’t just wipe that away with an awkward, “My bad.”

Luckily, she was picked up by police at her home three doors down from the Abumayaleh’s friend’s home. Upon recovering the “rifle” at that time, authorities discovered it to actually be a pellet gun. Now, Knoble is the suspicious one, and staring down felony charges for – get this – terrorist threats.

You can see the arrest record, below:

That sure says it all, doesn’t it? America, we are the terrorists we seek to destroy.

Check video coverage of the incident, below:

Featured image via screen capture

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