Obama To Invade Texas…With Temporary Housing, Clean Water, Food And Cash (VIDEO)

Floods of (ahem) biblical proportions have ravaged Texas this week, sparking questions about Texas’ refusal to install a floodplain management plan or offer funding for flood prevention infrastructure to its cities and towns.

One thing is clear, and that’s that Texas will need some serious help.

In the wake of the “Jade Helm” controversy, you know, the one where the President is gearing up for an invasion of real estate already under his purview, the President has shown that he has no hard feelings. Regardless of the stupidity exhibited by Texas Republicans and fueled by ignorance, POTUS is committed to making sure the people of Texas in need of relief will be taken care of.

As with Hurricane Sandy and the tornadoes that swept through Oklahoma, the President has pledged to do whatever he can, as swiftly as he can, to put people hurting from natural disaster back on their feet.

FEMA is already on the ground, and the President is ready for the expected “significant requests” he expects from Governor Abbott.

FEMA can be expected to help those misplaced when their homes were lost, as well as people in need of food and clean water.

Don’t worry, Texans. We won’t call you lazy for needing a helping hand.

Watch President Obama pledge to invade Texas with FEMA to aid flood victims.

H/T: CNN | Image: Wiki Commons

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