Obama Just Told Jimmy Fallon EXACTLY How He Feels About Trump As GOP Nominee (VIDEO)

President Obama will be appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday evening, but because the episode was prerecorded, that gave CNN and the rest of us a glimpse into what the president said. And he definitely had some pretty choice words for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

When asked if he thought Republicans were happy with their choice of candidate, Obama replied:

We are.

Clearly implying that himself alongside his fellow Democrats are pretty stoked that the GOP really couldn’t have picked a worse candidate. Trump is pretty much the poster child for modern-day racism, misogyny and Islamophobia, which clearly has excited the Republican base, but the rest of sane America hopefully disagrees.

The president later spoke of the role he will have as the election moves forward, telling Fallon:

The role I’m going to be playing in this process is to remind the American people: this is a serious job. This is not reality TV.

Trump, of course, is a reality television star who is using his fame and fortune to try to look as though he’s capable of being leader of the free world even though he has absolutely no policy or diplomacy experience. And the president is exactly right, this is a very serious job. In fact, the most serious, and Trump simply cannot be president.

President Obama will not only be endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, but is also very excited to begin campaigning for her. He spoke with Bernie Sanders Thursday morning, and despite Bernie claiming he’s staying in the race at least through the Washington DC primary, it looks as though he will do his part to make sure Trump isn’t elected and has said he’ll be meeting with Hillary very soon.

Watch the brief clip of the president via CNN here:


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