NRA Stooge: If We Taught Kids To ‘Respect’ Guns, There Would Be No School Shootings (VIDEO)

School shootings are generally complicated, terrifying situations, with only one thing in common: the shooter used a gun.

Now, sensible adults realize this one shared theme is where you start if you want change — but not every one is a sensible adult, as Del Wilber demonstrated when he suggested that school shootings happened because children didn’t “respect firearms” or know how to handle them safely in a recent NRA video.

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Defending our Guns

On July 24, there were 204 mass shootingsone for every day of 2015. That trend has only increased: As of this writing, there have been 285. And leading the pack in school shootings is “Guns Everywhere” Georgia, with more school shootings than anywhere else in the country.

These school shootings did not happen because children failed to somehow “respect” firearms or didn’t handle them safely. But this truth didn’t stop one NRA tool from suggesting that it did during the September 23 episode of NRA News’ series, Defending our America.

Defending Our America is a round table forum that brings together conservative commentators for a discussion each episode, and is sponsored by gun manufacturer Sig Sauer. During this particular episode, co-host Del Wilber claimed that the curriculum when he was growing up taught firearm safety, and because of that, they didn’t have school shootings:

When I was growing up, part of the curriculum at high schools was firearm safety and marksmanship. And we didn’t have ‘Columbines’ or ‘Newtowns’ because kids were taught to respect firearms, they were taught how to handle them safely and taught what their purpose was for, and that’s been long gone.

The Newtown shooter frequented shooting ranges, and possessed an NRA certificate bearing his name and an NRA firearm training manual in his home. Doesn’t seem to me that he had any trouble knowing how to use a firearm.

Now, contrast this with Open Carry, who march around with their guns open to the public, like some sort of invading force from the island nation of Stupidia. Unlike Open Carry, who seem to think guns are toys and trophies to be shown off, the shooter at Newtown knew exactly what a gun was for — and that’s what he used it for: killing.

Watch the video below:

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