New Orleans SVU: 2-Year-Old With STD ‘Didn’t Warrant’ Criminal Investigation

An investigative piece released by CNN revealed a serious case of incompetence inside the New Orleans Special Victims Unit squad.  Among the details of the story; a two-year old little girl who tested positive for an STD “didn’t warrant” a criminal investigation.

According to a New Orleans Inspector General’s report, the investigating detective said the girl “did not disclose any information that would warrant a criminal investigation and closed the case.”

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One would think a girl brought to the hospital after an alleged sexual assault who tested positive for an STD might be evidence enough to warrant an investigation. Apparently to the SVU unit her inability or refusal to disclose details…at two years old…meant less paperwork.

Only 14% of sexual assault cases investigated in New Orleans

According to the report, 1290 calls about sexual abuse were made to the SVU with only 450 receiving a preliminary report.  Of those, 179 were deemed important enough to warrant a supplemental report and further investigation.  105 of those were referred to the DA, leading to 74 convictions.

The New Orleans SVU has five detectives currently under investigation for their ineptitude, and the Inspector General’s report found that there was “little or no supervision of the detectives” for the three-year period.

The entire report can be read here.

Detectives ignored medical reports

A review of Louisiana’s state DNA lab revealed that the NOPD has failed to respond to 53 requests for reference samples dating back to 2010 to confirm matches to the FBI database.  Rape kits from several cases were never collected from the hospital.  Cases of infants with “non-accidental trauma” had “no cause for investigation.”  Three cases where the state lab confirmed DNA matches were never followed up on.

The amount of cases that were never investigated is staggering.  The details behind some of those cases, such as a two-year old with a confirmed STD, are irrefutable.  In one case a woman said she was raped, went to the hospital, then reported the crime.  She told detectives that her iPhone was taken, yet they never bothered to track the phone.  One detective determined, with no investigation, that the sex was consensual.

Detective believes ‘simple rape’ is not a crime

In Louisiana simple rape is described as a sexual assault on a victim that the perpetrator knows is incapable of understanding or resisting when the crime is committed.  This can include cases where the victim is intoxicated or simply unable to understand due to a temporary or permanent mental disability.

One of the detectives under investigation has stated that he “does not believe simple rape should be a crime.”

Simple people should not be police officers.

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