New DNC Chair Sends Progressives A Powerful Message And Then Trolls Trump About It (VIDEO)

In some ways the DNC’s election was an echo of the Democratic primaries. There was an establishment candidate who was well connected and a progressive candidate that many said was “too radical to be effective.” Just like in the primaries the more traditional candidate won; a former Secretary of Labor in the Obama administration named Tom Perez.

His opponent Keith Ellison is the first Muslim in Congress. He also has the support of Senator Bernie Sanders as well as many of his values. Like the primaries the establishment was narrow but decisive and many saw it as a sign that the Democratic party still isn’t ready to listen to the more liberal elements within its base. Trump tweeted Perez a sarcastic message immediately after the win suggesting that the outcome would benefit Republicans:


But Tom Perez had a surprise for Trump and the rest of the country. He and Ellison had already been talking about the direction and the two had agreed to work together to run the DNC. As Perez’s first act as committee chair he suspended the rules that would normally decide his deputy chair for him and gave the role to Ellison who he called “a good friend.”

But before he made that announcement he took a moment to respond to the president’s tweet and teased the move to unite the party:


It still remains to be seen whether the two will be able to unite the party, but if they can they would truly be a nightmare for the Trump administration. There are already huge networks of grass roots organizations forming across the country as a result of some of the biggest protests in American history. If those groups can work together Trump’s already floundering administration will have an even harder road ahead of them.

Watch the DNC cheer as Perez Welcomes Ellison as His Deputy Chair:

Featured Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty

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