Nerdgasm! Bill Maher And Neil deGrasse Tyson – Water On Mars And Why You Should Care (VIDEO)

Few things will cause the inner nerd to jump for joy as much as Neil deGrasse Tyson, mixed with the imminent Bill Maher, and water on Mars! Nerdgasm! Not only do they highlight what this evidence could mean, Maher asks Tyson to explain why seemingly innocuous events on the fringe of developing science are so interesting – and why you should be interested.

The bonus connecting of the dots by Tyson is the highlight of the bit, but the entire thing will have you sitting forward and wanting to join the discussion. The impossibly ugly/cute Tardigrade makes a visit to the screen, too, this is a powerhouse cast if you are looking for the nitty gritty of secular science-porn.

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Bill Maher‘s dry, witty, even somewhat abrasive demeanor blends perfectly with Tyson’s openly enthusiastic enjoyment of the subject matter and the conversation.

For your enjoyment, the Real Time with Bill Maher video courtesy of YouTube:


Feature image via screen capture from YouTube


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