Neo-Nazi Terrorist Cell Busted: Group Planned To Blow Up Black & Jewish Churches (VIDEO)

White supremacists, Robert Curtis Doyle and Ronald Beasly Chaney, were arrested by federal agents when they attempted to buy guns and explosives to set off a race war. According to police, they planned to bomb and shoot up “black churches” and Jewish synagogues.

These lower than pond-scum domestic terrorists planned to murder a jeweler to finance their war on American citizens. Of course, these terrorists are religious, members of an extremist sect of a Nordic religion, Asatru. Unlike many other religions, there is an active movement against extremists in the Asatru religion (and other Pagan faiths) who are co-opting the faiths as an excuse to feel superior to other races or cultures. However, this is just another example of people using a faith to rationalize their hatred.

Once again, we are reminded that it isn’t just foreign terrorists that we should be focusing on in the United States, but the sick and twisted right-wing wackos that choose to believe their skin color or religion make them better than anyone else. They also were willing to break the law, kill, and destroy property to impose that “supremacy” on others.

Here is the whole story, courtesy of YouTube: 


Feature image via screen capture from YouTube


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