Neil deGrasse Drops Mic On Racist Idea That Aliens Built The Pyramids (VIDEO)

One of the most common alien theories around is that the pyramids had to be built by visitors from outer space — from a superior race.

There’s lots of “evidence,” which mostly means that the pyramids are too perfect for such “primitive” cultures to have built. Of course, math historians know that at the time the pyramids were built, Egyptians were pretty damned good at math.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson has his own theory as to why people have such a difficult time with the idea that Egyptians might have built the pyramids — he says it’s racism — that the idea that black people were advanced enough to design and construct such brilliant pieces of architecture is too much for many white people to accept.

Tyson appeared on the webcast, Thug Life. He was asked about the theories and responded:

So, it was Europeans coming to Africa seeing an amazing civilization that they cannot imagine an African built, and they must then invoke some other cause that enabled them to build it.

Clever people come in all colors.

Just admit that you’re not as smart as the people who built the pyramids and end the conversation there.

*drops mic*

Here’s the video:

Featured image via Wikimedia

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