Must See: This Homophobic Pastor Gets Gloriously Smacked Down On TV (VIDEO)

Joshua Feuerstein is known for his on-line rants regarding gay people, and since he’s a right-wing Christian pastor, you know they’re not positive rants. Feuerstein, like most right-wingers, has probably spent much of his life operating under the delusion that he’s in the majority, but while sitting down on The Doctors, he learned the hard way that isn’t the truth.

Of Bakers and Bigotry

Feuerstein made a name for himself earlier this year when he delivered a belligerent on-line rant that led to threats against a Florida woman and her bakery.

Feuerstein called baker Sharon Haller and asked her if she would make a cake reading, “we do not support gay marriage.” Unsurprisingly, Haller had ethical scruples, and turned him down. Since you’ll recognize Christians by their love and tolerance, Haller almost immediately began getting death threats by people telling her to “go kill herself.”

Feuerstein referred to it as a “social experiment,” but he was involved in a real social experiment when he sat down with the panel for CBS’ The Doctors and attempted to explain “gender” as he sees it.

He wasn’t well received, either.

“You cannot mold someone’s sexuality”

Feuerstein was invited on the show along with Mikki Willis, the dad whose fifteen minutes of fame came following a video of him celebrating with his son after picking out a Little Mermaid doll went viral and received over 3.5 million views on YouTube.

Over the course the show, Feuerstein attacked Willis for his fathering skills and lamented that the United States had become “politically correct” enough to force Target to stop separating toys by gender.

I propose an analogue to Godwin’s law: the longer a discussion goes on the closer to one the odds of someone invoking “political correctness” becomes. Or, if you’re dealing with a right-winger, it happens right out of the gate.

“When Target has to remove from their shelves any sort of idea that a toy is meant to boy or meant to be girl,” Feuerstein began before a co-host jumped in and cut him off, saying, “Good, good. As somebody who studies children and works with them in schools I know that if we can nurture children for who they are they will find their own paths.”

Dr. Travis Stock, the host, dove in as well:

I think it comes down to this. You right as a parent, you do shape your children. But there is a big difference between telling you children to stay from, say, drugs, don’t drink and drive, and picking out a mermaid doll. So, my issue is… I understand your ideology. I get it. And everyone can have their own choice in life, in terms of what ideology they follow.

He didn’t get a chance to finish before Dr. Lisa Masterson added, “You cannot mold someone’s sexuality.”

When Feuerstein attempted to make a defense for his stone age views, the audience responded with boos, and he was stopped dead by plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon, who addressed Feuerstein directly:

Guess what? I played with my sister’s dolls and her doll house and now look at me.

More successful than Feuerstein, that’s for sure.

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