Muslims Read Islamophobic Internet Comments Out Loud After Mosque’s Daycare Burns Down (VIDEO)

Last summer, a Florida mosque’s daycare burned to the ground and the children at the center narrowly escaped the fire. When Fox 13 Tampa Bay reported on the incident and posted it online, the comments under the article filled up with Islamophobic hate speech by ignorant people who were happy to see the mosque burn.

A local group called Peace House, who fights bigotry with humorous parodies, saw the comments and decided to make a video featuring Muslims reading the comments out loud. One of the comments said,”Burn them all down and deport them all!” A Muslim woman responded to the hate by saying:

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I was born here. Where am I going to be deported to? The hospital?

Another bigot said,”Let it burn!!!” What’s worse? The man who made the comment was dressed in a firefighter uniform, leading one to believe that this horrible person is or was a public official who is supposed to prevent exactly that from happening.

The rest of the video is much of the same, and it highlights an ugly side of America. There are some who believe that every single Muslim in the world — children and adults alike — need to die because they are all “terrorists.” This is complete and utter crap, of course, but, the right-wing continues to push a bigoted agenda in order to attract votes from “real” ‘Murikans — the psuedo-Christians. It’s disgusting.

Watch below:

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