Muslim Woman Gets A Beer Mug Smashed In Her Face Because She Dared Speak Another Language (VIDEO)

Applebee’s is not exactly known for having a cosmopolitan clientele, but I’m sure they don’t want to be associated with xenophobia. Unfortunately, that’s the position they find themselves in today after a woman in Minnesota smashed a Muslim woman across the face with a beer mug because the Muslim woman was speaking a foreign language.

I’m sure 43-year-old Jodie Marie Burchard-Risch had no idea that Asma Jama was speaking Swahili in the Coon Rapids, Minnesota Applebee’s, but, Burchard-Risch, who I’m betting is a Trump voter, heard syllables she didn’t recognize, and that angered her so much that she grabbed her beer mug and gave Jama a roundhouse bash across the face.

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Emotionally that has destroyed me,” Jama said. “I’ve lived in Minnesota for 15 years, never had anyone even look at me weird for not speaking English and wearing a Hijab. I’ve seen hate crimes on TV, but for it to happen to me — I’m really a different person, I don’t like it.

Jama has several deep cuts on her nose, eyebrow and her lower lip. Burchard-Risch is facing third-degree assault charges.

So far, Burchard-Risch isn’t being charged with a hate crime.

Here’s the video:

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