MSNBC Reporter Blows Trump’s Wiretapping Lies Out Of The Water With A Single Question (VIDEO)

A hapless Sean Spicer faced off with reporters Tuesday afternoon and despite his best efforts to defend his boss he wasn’t able to answer many of the questions posed to him. He appeared embarrassed by the whole situation, often blurting out the phrase “I’ll follow up on that” under his breath.

At one point Spicer was asked about Congress’ new healthcare bill and was unable to give any details about the administration’s plans. “I know, I know, I know,” he said as the reporter complained about his lack of insight into the matter. “This is day one,” he added; though it was unclear what he meant by it. It’s day 46 of the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress have been working to repeal Obamacare for years – supposedly.

The Press Secretary’s desperate flailing reached its height when Hallie Jackson of MSNBC asked him about Trump’s bizarre tweets claiming that former President Obama tapped his phones during the election:

I’m trying to get some clarity on something my colleagues are trying to follow up on as well. You’ve said that the president stands by his tweets Saturday morning that President Obama ordered this wiretap. You’ve also said that the administration wants Congress – let me just be clear – you said [Trump] ‘found out’ this information but the president wants Congress to investigate. Some members of Congress by the way have asked the white house asked the president to come forward with that information. So bottom line: why would the president want Congress to investigate for information he already has?

Spicer’s response was a garbled mess. The president, he says, is sitting on information because to release it would somehow impede the separation of power. Congress rather than an executive agency, ought to investigate to “add legitimacy.” But as to why Trump was unable to breath a word to anyone about his secret information Spicer had no answers.

Jackson then asked if the American citizens could expect Trump’s tax returns anytime soon. A choking Press Secretary promised to follow up on that issue as well.

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