MSNBC Apologizes After Sheriff Goes Nuts Saying ‘F*ggot’ And ‘Uncle Tom C**n’ On Live News Conference

MSNBC was forced to cut its live feed to a press conference featuring Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand after the officer went on a bizarre racist and homophobic slur-laced rant.

Normand was updating the media on the investigation surrounding the shooting death of former NFL player Joe McKnight when he began thanking local lawmakers who asked their communities not to jump to conclusions.

“‘You did not do what was in your best interest, you did what was in the best interest of your community, and you’re suffering for it,’ he said.”

However, Normand went beyond simply thanking officials, he also angrily denounced some of the comments and remarks that he claimed were being unfairly thrown at the politicians.

The clearly unbalanced sheriff unexpectedly began reading some of the comments made on social media, word for word without censoring any of the vulgarity.

“‘It’s not fair for him to be called, ‘You punk-ass Uncle Tom c**n, we saw you sell out to them, you ratass f*ggot punk,’ he read. ‘That’s the tone of what we call our elected leaders for standing up and simply saying let justice prevail and let the process take its course.’”

As Normand began to read off more hate-filled comments, MSNBC host Tamron Hall, who was clearly flustered and flabbergasted by the sheriff’s behavior, interrupted the feed just after he read out “you ass-kissing f*ggot.”

Had Hall continued coverage of Normand’s rant, MSNBC viewers would have heard the sheriff also read out tweets which called a lawmaker a “n*gga” and a “self-serving son of a b*tch.”

When asked about the perception of injustice that many in the local black community feel after his department initially allowed the shooter, a 54-year-old white male named Ronald Gasser, to walk out of jail without being charged the day after the shooting, Normand coldly replied by citing black on black crime statistics and dismissing their concerns.

“‘For those who have criticized the men and women of this organization and the strategy decisions that we made relative to that: Tough. I don’t care,’ he said. ‘Because what I know is I can put my head on the pillow every night, knowing that we’ve done the right thing for the right reasons.'”

“If we’re just going to look statistically, your fear, what you’re trying to articulate right now, is misdirected.”

It seems that the good sheriff is more concerned about ugly remarks made by trolls on the internet that attack his friends, than how the local black community perceive his department.

As the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department continues its long history of tone-deaf insensitivity and outright racism toward the black community, former Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee would be beaming with pride knowing that his legacy is alive and well.

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