Mormon Leaders Lose Their Sh*t – Ban Children Of Same-Sex Couples From Joining Church (VIDEO)

Newly elected leaders of the Utah-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) lost their collective sh*t this week and voted to ban the children of same-sex couples from their church. The new policy declares those individuals participating in same-sex marriage as ‘apostate.’ An apostate is one who renounces a religious belief or principle.

Following their skewed, twisted and intolerant logic, the Mormons believe those involved in same-sex marriage have renounced their faith. By association, the children of those *gasp* same-sex married couples cannot be blessed, baptized or serve as missionaries for the Church until they reach the age of 18 because, apparently, by living with their parents they are under the influence of “the devil.”

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By taking this action, Mormons are asking the children of same-sex couples to choose between their parents and the church, or delay the decision until they reach adulthood. What’s the next step LDS? Asking kids to narc on their parents?

Donald Sutherland in Invasion of the Body Snatchers immediately springs to mind.

The LDS church was front and center in the fight against gay marriage in 2008. Since then, the political climate has changed, including the recent Supreme Court landmark decision regarding marriage equality. In addition, Salt Lake City just elected its first openly gay mayor, Jackie Biskupski. The fact that gays are on the very doorstep of the Mormon Temple, living among them and raising their children is obviously more than church elders can bear. Something must be done!

Their solution? Let’s ban the parents, and prevent the children from joining the church, effectively cutting off a segment of the population from worshipping or receiving religious education in those important early, developmental years.

So much for building bridges, LDS.

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