Minnesota Woman Bothered By Neighborhood Kids Threatens To Eat Them…Literally (VIDEO)

Since time immemorial there have always been those neighbors whose children played a little too loudly for comfort. They would run in your yard, maybe pick your flowers, and interrupt your nap or favorite television show. Usually, a visit to the parents would solve the problem. Apparently, that idea never occurred to Carrie Pernula of Champlin, Minnesota. She chose to send anonymous notes threatening cannibalism of the children.

Pernula, age 38, was bothered because her neighbor children were making too much noise, and leaving items in her yard and on her porch. Rather than talk to the parents like any sane individual would, Pernula started sending notes to the parents in the mail, stating,

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“The children look delicious. May I have a taste?”

The childrens’ parents called the local police department and posted what happened on their personal Facebook accounts. They then started receiving unsolicited magazine subscriptions, addressed to ‘Tasty Children.”

Champlin police traced the source of the magazines and arrested Pernula, who readily admitted making the threats. She was released from jail and is believed to be back at her home, hopefully not heating up the cauldron in which to cook the children. Her case is being reviewed by the City Attorney

Carrie Pernula … full blown wackaloon. Stay away from her house on Halloween, kids!

Featured image courtesy of minnesota.cbslocal.com.

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