Minneapolis NAACP Chair Tells CNN ‘Police Behind’ Shooting Of #BlackLivesMatter Protesters (VIDEO) 

Minneapolis NAACP Communications Chair Raeisha Williams made some bold allegations on CNN implicating police involvement in the Monday night shooting of five Black Lives Matter protesters by white supremacists.

The protesters were holding a sit-in at the police station in response to the death of 24-year-old Jamar Clark who was shot and killed while in police handcuffs. The NAACP chair was being interviewed by CNN’s Brooke Baldwin who asked for her reaction to the news that two men were arrested in connection to the shooting that injured at the five protesters.

Williams voiced her distrust with the arrests and then made a statement that shocked the interviewer, “We know that the police department is behind this, this is our personal belief after receiving witness accounts.”

“Wait, wait, wait! You said you believe the police department is behind what?” Baldwin interrupted.

Williams continued:

We believe the police department is facilitating the injustice, bullying the protesters. And we also believe that they’re involved in this shooting. We know from blackboards and chat rooms and also videos that we have posted on our website that police that are from different counties, police from different districts have come down to entice the protesters, have come down to bully the protesters.

While Williams didn’t share “concrete” evidence that police were actually behind the shooting, she certainly provided information that implies they were sympathetic to the shooters. And, that is pretty sickening.

She said that the officers didn’t help the victims in a timely manner. She also recalled that an officer said, “This is what you’ve been wanting” to an individual in need of help.

It took 15 minutes for the police to even arrive and shortly after that, they began to mace the crowd. So if you’re not part of the problem, if this is not something you’re trying to cover up, why would you not attend to victims who paid for your salaries?

She then continued, “We believe, and we stand behind our belief, that the Minneapolis Police Department is not protecting us and therefore they stand with racist white supremacists who want to destroy a peaceful movement.”

Watch the video via RawStory below:

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