Milwaukee Sheriff To CNN: ONLY Cops Believe Black Lives Matter (VIDEO)

Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke, is a black man in Establishment clothing.

When asked on CNN Friday morning by Poppy Harlow whether he thought Milwaukee would see similar threats as the ones made in NYC, leading to the arrest of seven people, the 30-plus-year veteran of law enforcement said:

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Police officers on a daily basis live in a state of hyper vigilance about their exterior surroundings, but what’s going on in New York right now and many other cities across America, here in Milwaukee as well, is this unjustified, if you will, hatred toward the police. And that pathway was created, recently, by some very powerful people in the United States who’ve made some very inflammatory remarks about our American police officers. That being Mayor de Blasio, that being President Obama, and that being Eric Holder. So I don’t – I’m not going to engage in hyperbole and say that they caused what’s going on, but like I said – they created that pathway for purely political purposes, and I think that’s what the shame is here.

When Harlow pressed, “What would you like to see happen? What would you like to see from Mayor de Blasio, from the President, from Attorney General Eric Holder?” Clarke stated:

Well, both of these individuals have had several chances to come out of the gate and say something responsible, and say something to calm things down. What I’d like to hear from Mayor de Blasio right now, ‘cause I think there’s a way forward for him – but the first thing he’s going to have to do is disavow any further association with race hustler Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton is a vulgar human being, he’s divisive and he spews hate.

I think that would be a huge first step, and it would be a good faith gesture toward the New York Police Department where the mayor could exemplify that he is going to start changing his tune, and he’s going to start supporting that police department. And if it weren’t for the NYPD officers, that city would collapse into utter chaos and he knows that. But again, politics trumped reasonableness from the mayor and now he’s paying for that. The chickens are comin’ home to roost.

The irony of a line so very much associated with Malcolm X twisted into the snake tongue of the establishment really slithers forth an ugly resonance coming from Clarke, doesn’t it?

Harlow went on to say, referring to the local instance for Clarke of Dontre Hamilton’s murder by police, with a nod toward the larger national and international demonstrations:

You call these protestors ‘anarchist groups exploiting tragic situations to create chaos.’ Are you saying there is no merit in these protests?

Sheriff Clarke stated with cold assurance:

None whatsoever. Unequivocally. None whatsoever. . . . These things that happened with law enforcement officers – tragic. No doubt about that. But they are a sliver of what’s going on in America’s ghettos today, and it’s the black on black crime. So if we wanna have the discussion, let’s have an objective one.

Clarke continued, this time offering up data from an unmentioned source:

Since 1999, police deadly – use of deadly force against black males is down 75 percent. In 2011 and 2012, 386 white people were killed by police officers, 140 black people were killed by police officers in that same time period. So I’m just saying, let’s put the data out there and let’s have an objective discussion minus the emotion and the rhetoric.

While those numbers sound convincing to those who take talking heads by rote and never follow up with research of their own, they sure seem to counter the FBI report that came out not long ago, which states that violence between and amongst average citizens is drastically down, but that violence committed by the police is significantly higher than any time it has been in the past 20 years.

Actually, they also only prove the demonstrators’ points.

If examined in the right way, if one takes into account the proportion of white people in the country as compared to black people and examines the rate of murder by police between a 77.7 percent white population in 2013, according to the U.S. Census, as compared to a 13.2 percent black population, the reality of the unjust, bloody situation becomes quite clear. A little math shows easily that such percentages, under a fair and just system, would yield a higher rate of murder of whites by police and a lower number of blacks by the police.

The spread between that reality and the illusion-based garbage Clarke is trying to push in order to argue his point is the systemic racism and lack of justice that has inspired so many people to march and protest for several months already — with no end in sight.

But that doesn’t stop Clarke from doing his soft-shoe for the Man’s cameras. No, he’s learned it so well, for so long – 30+ years! He could shuffle this dance in his sleep, and the words spill from his mouth as if from the plantation steps, where he continues to polish the silverware, out into the fields:

You know, when I hear these things that black lives matter – the only people who really believe that statement are American police officers who go into American ghettos every day to keep people from killing each other. . . . The abortion – black lives, if they really mattered, that’s where the outrage would be, that’s what we’d see protests about. But when we see the black on black homicide that happens on a very frequent basis, we don’t see protests, we don’t see marches, we don’t see demand for change. So this has been a one way conversation that I’m just trying to present a counter-narrative to balance this thing, so that we can have that discussion.

Now raise your fist in the air if you think that is bullsh*t.

Harlow moved on from there to question Clarke on the White House’s reaction to the protests, demonstrations and recent murder of two NYC police officers:

Let me ask you this, because we’re going to have the memorial today for officer Ramos, and then a funeral tomorrow in New York City. Vice President Joe Biden will be attending that funeral. You have accused the White House, as you were telling me earlier, about fanning the flames of political discourse – are you encouraged to see that the Vice President is going to go to this funeral? Are you encouraged in what you are seeing in reaction from the White House to these two slain officers?

Now keep in mind Clarke stated earlier regarding Obama and de Blasio, “Well, both of these individuals have had several chances to come out of the gate and say something responsible, and say something to calm things down,” yet now that the White House is showing support and even moving beyond words but actually attending these officers’ funerals, Clarke only complains more, responding:

Not at all. I think they’re offering up the JV team, as the President phrased it he’s used recently at some world events. I’d like to see the President of the United States show up at this funeral –

“So you think he should come back from Hawaii for this and be here?” Harlow asked.

Yes I – yes I do. . . . That would be a good faith step toward calming the waters, if you will, here. You know, sending a surrogate. I don’t know. I got a lot of respect for Joe Biden. Joe Biden has been a supporter of law enforcement for many decades. But again, you know, I think with what’s going on, I think leadership is needed here from the top, and the top would be the President of the United States. That would be powerful if he showed up at these funerals today, or this week.

A surrogate, Clarke complains. Now, had Obama sent a simple spokesperson that complaint might be understandable, but he sent the Vice President of the United States! That’s no lackey. That’s one hell of a “surrogate!” But, of course, being of the Establishment’s mind, Clarke expects the world to bow down before him and his wishes. He won’t settle for anything less than the alleged “leader of the free world” to attend a couple of police officers’ funerals. No disrespect to their memory intended, but  sending the Vice President is still one hell of a goodwill gesture.

Meanwhile, de Blasio and Obama are still being blasted for doing what was right, and what was honest — standing up for the people, standing up for the oppressed — at least by paying it lip service, by acknowledging the systemic racism this country was “founded” on, and upon which it has always been run. If our first black president cannot acknowledge this reality, what hope do the rest of us have? We’d be looking forever at the likelihood of a succession of David Clarke, institutionalized presidents, be they black, white, indigenous or Asian, be they man or woman, or somewhere in between.

Obama and de Blasio simply showed up one more of Clarke’s falsehoods — to embody what it means to truly believe that black lives matter, by acknowledging systemic racism and speaking out against it in support of the American people, rather than shooting them down with tough love – a “love” so tough, it kills.

You can watch this unbelievable exchange in the video below:

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