Michigan Town Says This Smiley Adopted Dog Is Dangerous And Must Be Taken From His New Best Friend

The photo of this smiley rescue dog went viral this week after he was adopted, but he may not be smiling for long. The musician who adopted him lives in a Michigan town which says that he is too dangerous to live there and must be taken from his new best friend.

Dan Tillery adopted his new dog, Diggy, this week, after the Detroit Dog Rescue, posted his photo online. The nonprofit rescue group, which is the only no-kill shelter in the city, pulled Diggy from Detroit Animal Care and Control, who had picked him up earlier this year as a stray, and put him up for adoption.

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Diggy became an internet sensation when Tillery posted a photo of himself and his newly adopted dog, both smiling widely for the camera.

I just bought a new house and my girlfriend and I wanted a dog, so we went down to the rescue and fell in love with him,” Tillery said.

But there were no smiles on Thursday when Waterford Township Police told Tillery that he has three days to get rid of Diggy because he looks like a pitbull, which just so happen to be banned within the Township. Tillery, however, says his four-legged friend is an American bulldog.

Detroit Animal Care and Control classified him as an American bulldog, and so did a vet with the Detroit Dog Rescue. When Tillery obtained a dog license for Diggy on Wednesday he was registered as an American bulldog as well. But when the rescue group advertised him for adoption last month in a Facebook post, they classified him as an American bulldog/pit bull mix.

Wiggleton [Diggy’s name at the time] is a 2 year old American bulldog/pit bull mix that loves the water and is just a big goofball,” Detroit Dog Rescue wrote along with a photo.

Waterford police say that if a vet of their choosing deems Diggy to be an American bulldog or another permitted breed, then he can stay. But if he is determined to be a pit bull or pit bull mix, has to go.

We just want to enforce the ordinance,” Waterford Township Police Lieutenant Todd Hasselbach said on Friday. “If he’s willing to go to the vet to get the dog looked at for us then that’s fine too.

Tillery said that he remains hopeful that everything will work out in the end.

I will fight for him,” the musician wrote in a Facebook post on Friday. “He is my family.

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