PATHETIC: Megyn Kelly Resorts To Shouting When Her Myopic Narrative Of Ferguson Is Challenged (VIDEO)

Last night, Megyn Kelly held an interview on her show The Kelly File with Representative Al Green (D-TX) over his statements regarding Ferguson. Kelly seemed equally outraged that Rep. Green mimicked the Ferguson protesters ‘Hands Up’ gesture on the House floor.

What had Kelly’s panties in such a bunch?

Here’s a clip of Rep. Green speaking at the Congressional Black Caucus on the House floor Monday night:

During the meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus, many speakers made statements that black lives don’t seem to matter in this country and that black people can be killed without consequence or repercussion.

Kelly asked Rep. Green if he agrees with that statement in the case of Ferguson.

To which Rep. Green replied:

I think that in this case we have a basic premise which has now been applied and that is and that is ‘It is not enough for things to be right, they must also look right’ and in this case it doesn’t look right for a prosecutor to take the case to a grand jury when he could have taken it to a judge. He could have had a preliminary hearing and at that preliminary hearing we would have had total transparency and the world would have been able to see what occurred. I think that would have been a better course of conduct to pursue, because it’s not enough for things to be right, they must also look right. And the perception can exist that when you take things behind closed doors that you’re engaging in a process that is not fair.

Naturally, Megyn Kelly agreed which lead them to hug it out.


Kelly instead devolves into a condescending diatribe and presumes to lecture Rep. Green that grand jury’s are secret, that’s just the way it is. She points out that many witnesses who were African-American sided with Darren Wilson’s story and that was largely the reason the grand jury decided in this case not to indict Wilson. Over and over again Kelly rubs in the race of the witnesses who sided with Darren Wilson, as if that somehow proves Wilson didn’t overreact when he killed Michael Brown.

When Rep. Green corrected Kelly, saying:

That is not all the evidence the grand jury heard.

There were indeed other testimonies that said Brown had his hands up or didn’t charge Officer Wilson.

Kelly interrupts to say:

That’s enough, sir, to say there is no probable cause to charge someone.

When Rep. Green presses further to say that those witnesses shouldn’t have been selectively ignored in this case.

Kelly responds:

It’s a 51 percent standard, and it didn’t go your way, why can’t you accept that?

Rep. Green merely points out that other witnesses said differently and that should have provided enough of a question for probable cause to result in an indictment of Wilson had the prosecutor pushed harder.

Here’s the entire clip from last night:

What Kelly and other Fox News hosts seem to forget as they dance their victory dance because their ‘hero officer’ was let free by this court, is that a different prosecutor, a different course of conduct could have very well resulted in an indictment, and that’s what has the black community so upset; it almost never goes their way.

They see case after case of black people shot down by an officer and time after time there is no indictment for the officers regardless of how egregious the shooting. It is hard to accept that Officer Wilson was let go, but there is still a federal investigation underway — although many are saying the it’s an even harder case to prove.

If the TIP Act passes, hopefully through the camera’s lens all of America will have a front row view of what the black community has seen for years. If this is the end result of the struggle in Ferguson than it’s a much larger victory than just a single case.


H/T: The Blaze | Photo: The Kelly File (Screencap)

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