March Sadness: John Oliver Explains How To Rip Off your Employees While Making Billions – NCAA Style (VIDEO)

There has long been a debate about whether or not student athletes should be paid. Well, actually there has been a 1 sided debate in the media and I will let you speculate about the whys of that (hint, follow money). As America gets set for another big NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament, “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver examines the issue from a more “player friendly” perspective.

Oliver breaks down the utter BS the league and its surrogates have spewed into the mainstream over the years and debunks their nonsensical arguments concerning the issue of not paying college athletes to play when everyone around them is making bank off their efforts. As Oliver even points out, even the kid selling the player’s jersey in the student store is at least making ten dollars an hour while the player gets nothing. Of course Oliver lays out facts with an incredibly sharp wit, as per usual.

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Stick around until the end to see their mock ad for a more “authentic” video game based on NCAA Basketball and it’s famous March tournament, it’s hilarious!

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