Man Claiming To Be An Off-Duty Cop Caught On Camera Beating A Woman (VIDEO)

A man claiming to be an off-duty cop, is seen attempting to restrain a woman who is verbally and visually upset.

She yells at him, “Get off of me, dude. Calm down.” She does everything she can to get away.  The man, who allegedly never showed a badge, twists her arms, spins her around and slams her head first into his car.

When the man claiming to be a cop sees he’s being recorded he proclaims he’s a police officer and tells the person recording the incident to call the police.

The woman’s sister hops out of her car to help, swatting at the man until he lets go, and the pair jump in their car and speed away.

As they drive away he yells “I already showed you my badge, stop!”  The whole ordeal looks like he’s putting on a show for the camera at that point.

It’s unclear what the alleged cop accused the woman of or why he found it necessary to slam her head into his car, but the uploader claims he never showed her a badge.

If that’s true, the two women were well within their right to resist the man, who for all they know could have been a predator.

If he was a cop he wasn’t very proficient at restraining the woman, with his best move being the head slam off of a car.  The women got away with ease.

Image: screengrab from YouTube

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