Detroit Area Jail Inmate Dies In Custody For Unpaid Ticket — It’s ALL On Surveillance! (VIDEO)

A Roseville, Michigan (Detroit area) man died while in custody in the Macomb County Jail, and family members have filed a federal lawsuit in the case.

David Stojcevski, 25, an admitted drug addict being treated for his addiction, died after 17 days in the jail. He was initially involved in a traffic stop for careless driving, and eventually arrested on an obstruction of justice charge. Because Stojcevski could not pay the $772 fine, he was ordered to spend 30 days in the jail. He fell 13 days short, thanks to the treatment he received while incarcerated.

Because Stojcevski was under ‘self-harm watch,’ the entirety of his inhumane treatment was captured on video surveillance. He was denied clothing (that means he was in his cell, NAKED). In addition, he was denied needed medications because jail personnel misdiagnosed his condition as a mental disorder, rather than acute drug withdrawal.

He was denied the Methadone, Klonopin and Xanax prescribed to treat his addiction. Over the next 17 days Stojcevski lost a whopping 50 pounds. He got into a fight with another inmate (also naked), and when that inmate was removed from the cell, Stojcevski commenced re-enacting the fight (he was obviously hallucinating). The bright lights in the cell were kept turned on, 24 hours a day.

On the last day of his life, Stojcevski refused to eat, and was too weak to arise from the mattress on the floor where he lay.

Lawyers for the County say the family’s case ‘lacks merit,’ and believes that the case will be dismissed before it goes to trial. The County has no plans to settle with the family at this time.

OK folks. There’s heartless, and then there’s heartless. How can officers hired to ‘protect and defend’ let another human being languish and die like this?

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