Lowes Managers Thought It Was OK When Customer Didn’t Want Black Delivery Driver — They Were FIRED (VIDEO)

Proving that corporate bigwigs sometimes do the right thing, home improvement giant Lowe’s fired 3 managers at its Danville, Virginia store for discriminating against one of its own employees.

While en route to deliver a package, driver Marcus Bradley (a black man) was called and told by one of the store’s managers that he needed to return to the store so another driver could make the delivery. When Bradley asked the manager why he couldn’t deliver it, he was told,”because you’re black.”

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Bradley’s delivery partner of 11 years, Alex Brooks (a white man), was asked by the manager to go out on the delivery with another white driver, but he refused:

I told him I wasn’t going to do it without him [Bradley],” Brooks said. “I just don’t think it’s right.

In a statement, Lowe’s said,

There had been a customer who had requested only white delivery drivers to deliver an item to her home. After we learned of a situation that a manager had pulled the driver from the delivery, we did a quick investigation. The three managers who had been part of that decision are no longer part of the company. We have zero tolerance for behavior of that kind.

We have apologized and our senior vice president actually went to the [Danville, Virginia] store last week and spoke to the delivery drivers personally and apologized on behalf of the company. We wanted to make sure they knew they had our full support.

What’s even more surprising is that the woman who didn’t want the black delivery driver to come to her home was KNOWN to store employees for refusing to deal with ANY black employee in the store. And the managers still made the choice to tolerate her bigotry?

Let’s watch what this lovely lady has to say:


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And people say the racial divide has been eradicated.

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