Lindsey Lohan ‘Double Checked’ By Airport Security For Wearing Headscarf (VIDEO)

Islamophobia has reached a fevered pitch in the United States under the reign of Donald Trump and his attempt at a travel ban has made airports a downright terrifying place for Muslims. Even appearing in clothing that appears inspired by Islam makes you suspicious. This apparently holds true even if you are Lindsey Lohan.

On Tuesday morning, the actress appeared on Good Morning Britain where she discussed her study of Islam and rumors that she is contemplating converting.

“Back in America, it’s a polarizing thing, isn’t it,” Piers Morgan asked, “just to even suggest you might be – you know your picture with the Koran, you get a lot of abuse suddenly and so on. How do you deal with that?”

Lindsey replied by recalling a recent incident where she faced discrimination in an American airport first hand.

“I was, when I was flying to New York recently, I was wearing head scarf, and I got stopped,” Lohan said. “She opened my passport, and saw ‘Lindsay Lohan’ and started immediately apologizing. But then said, ‘but please, take off your headscarf.’”

“Really?” Morgan asked with surprise.

“Yeah, and I did it, I mean it’s OK,” she responded. “But, what scared me is was, is that moment, how would another woman, who doesn’t feel comfortable taking off her headscarf feel. That was really interesting to me, I mean I was kinda in shock.”

The actress explained that she was wearing a headscarf “because I was leaving Turkey and out of respect for certain countries that I go to when I see certain people, I think, I feel more comfortable acting like the other women, that’s just a personal respect issue for me, that I have. And so I had it on, and also it was really early, and also I just felt comfortable that way. And then I was a little scared… going to America!”

Welcome to Trump’s America folks, where even Lindsey Lohan is a terrorist suspect. Watch the interview, here:

Featured image via Monika Fellner/Getty Images

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