KY Cop Accidentally Shoots Himself In Elevator While Horrified Woman Watches Helplessly (VIDEO)(VIDEO)

Over the past few months, many stories have been in the news about officers shooting civilians and it would seem the problem has gotten so bad, that they’ve begun shooting themselves when dressed as civilians.

Joking aside, a 25-year veteran Kentucky police officer is healing from a gunshot wound to the abdomen after accidentally shooting himself in an elevator.

This officer must have skipped a few gun safety classes.

Erlanger Officer Darryl Jouett was having dinner with his wife in Cincinnati Saturday night — but the real sparks flew after dinner as they took the parking garage elevator to their car.

In a video released Monday, Officer Jouett can be seen walking into an elevator with his wife having an idle conversation. His hands are full with what looks like boxed up leftovers from the restaurant. While still in the elevator, Jouett tries to readjust the pistol he always keeps on his side. After pulling the gun out of the holster, Jouett tries to reholster the weapon but it keeps catching on his sports coat when it fired, ricocheted off the the elevator wall and struck Jouett in the abdomen.

Jouett hit the floor immediately and his terrified wife covered her ears. After the initial shock, Jouett’s wife, thinking quickly, fumbles through her purse for her phone to call for help.

The officer is expected to make a full recovery, and he and his wife are very lucky that neither one ended up dead or more seriously injured from the accident.  Perhaps next time, he’ll hand his take-out to his wife before handling a loaded firearm.

It was all caught on the elevator security camera:

H/T: Raw Story | Photo: LEX 18 (Screenshot)

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