Kids Selling Lemonade Join Gays, Minorities, Muslims, And Women On Texas Hate List (VIDEO)

Two little girls looking to make a few dollars to buy their dad a Father’s Day present were shut down this week, because in Texas you’re not allowed to be a kid. Seven-year-old Zoey Green and eight-year-old Andria Green had no idea when they opened their little business that they were about to fall victim to bureaucracy.

After making $20 of their $110 goal, the Overton, Texas girls found themselves a target in the sights of a code enforcement officer and the police. Overton Police Chief Clyde Carter told ABC News, “It’s illegal to sell lemonade without a permit, but we didn’t tell them to shut down, we just asked them to get a permit.”

But that was just the beginning of their problems. The chief said they absolutely would enforce the laws of their town, which apparently don’t allow children to be children, so the girls, trying to obtain the necessary permit, found out they also had to get approval from the health department, since they were selling food products.

Remember, these are little girls selling lemonade.

The health department, in the interest of public safety of course, couldn’t possibly allow sweet and sour beverages to be distributed without proper refrigeration.

The community has shown amazing support for the two little entrepreneurs. The water park they were trying to raise money to take their Dad to donated free admission to the cause, with a radio station matching them.

The girls plan to open on Saturday, accepting donations instead of selling lemonade. Chief Carter says taking donations is legal, so there won’t be a problem.

Apparently nobody could have just told them that to begin with.


Image via screen capture

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