Kellyanne Conway Doesn’t Want Fox Anchor To Call Failing ACA Replacement ‘Trumpcare’ (VIDEO)

Fox’s Bill Hemmer grilled Kellyanne Conway Wednesday morning about both Trump’s reluctance to guarantee passage of the new Republican healthcare bill and his refusal to put his name on it. When asked if those in the media should unofficially call the American Healthcare Act (AHCA) “Trumpcare” like they did with the ACA to President Obama she responded :

“Well, it’s the American Healthcare Act and I think it’s aptly named for this reason. It wants to cover – it wants everybody to have access to coverage.

I’ll call it Trumpcare if you want to but I didn’t hear President Trump say to any of us ‘hey I want my name on that.’ We’re happy it’s the American Healthcare Act; this is serious stuff.”

The amusing part about this is that President Obama never said “hey I want my name on that,’ either and yet many people including President Trump call the ACA “Obamacare.” To then turn and demand that everyone use the official name for his own healthcare bill is beyond hypocritical.

Until Hemmer’s question about the bill’s unofficial name Conway had gone to great length to describe how involved Donald Trump was in the making of the Republican ACA-replacement bill:

“The president and vice president have really taken leadership here. I do want to say that this is a piece of legislation also that has presidential leadership. I mean he is really husbanding this through. Some people suggested that he be the closer, some people suggested he be the lead-off batter; the president and the vice president are all in here.”

It was also notable that — unlike Paul Ryan — Kellyanne Conway refused to use the word “guarantee” when she described the chances of the bill passing. For whatever reason, the Trump administration doesn’t want the president’s name on the bill and they seem to be preparing for the possibility that it will fail.


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