WATCH: Pro Wrestler Granting His 500th Make A Wish– This Kid Will Move You To Tears (VIDEO)

John Cena of the WWE is about to reach a milestone that I don’t think many would have guessed, unless they were big fans. He has granted 500 wishes for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

There are more political stories out there, but this one illustrates why we need universal health care. All children deserve to be able to have the best chance to never have to make a wish like the 499 already granted theirs by Cena.

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This article could be about the ravages of cancer. It could be about the futility of a kind act in a sea of  confusing and tortuous situations. It could be about John Cena, but it isn’t. I don’t think he would want it to be about him, or we would have heard a lot about 100, 200 or 300th wishes he has granted. I think he would want it to be about the kids. 13,000 kids diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. alone each year.

The children who are granted wishes through Make-a-Wish are forced to give up on a long life, most will never date, never struggle through their youth to find their adult self, or even graduate the next grade. Make-a-wish is a charity that facilitates lucky children’s last wish. From a literal trip to rescue Gilligan off the island to receiving 35 million get well cards and setting a Guinness World Record – Make-a-Wish type organizations do make miracles.

Please, after you watch this, remember why it is so important to keep our healthcare, to expand it and to help catch these kids early which in some cases can mean they will have better survival rates. This is why we need to EPA to regulate the toxins that our children are exposed to and this is why we need the FDA to assure that medications are what they are supposed to be and food is safe to eat for our children.

Cena, a giant in the ring who has branched out onto the big screen, is showing his softer side and leading by example. Common celebrities, you may not be asked as often as him, but you can do it! Each child that is on this list is considered terminal, and may not have a chance to pay it forward so it is up to us and it is up to them. Each of us who watch this inspiring video and feel deep in our chest that something right has been done has the responsibility to pay it forward for the children who have received the ultimate; what they wished for.

Let me introduce you to Rocco Lanza. He has leukemia, and couldn’t even play much this summer… well, let’s let him tell us, shall we?

Featured image via video screen capture

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