Jeb Bush’s Explanation For Abortion Policy Flip-Flop Turned Into A Belly Flop Instead (VIDEO)

Leave it to Jeb Bush, the “smart brother” to create an imaginary “consensus” in the USA that fetuses have magically become born babies, with more rights than their mother, to explain away his severe case of flip-floppery on the Supreme Court Ruling of Roe V. Wade.

The fact is that he has never been pro-choice, but he did at one point affirm that regardless of any personal feelings he may have, a woman’s right to have an abortion would be there. He did say, even way back when, that he was waiting for a “broad consensus” to change the way America sees Roe V. Wade. Now, he claims it has happened. When challenged by the host of State of the Union with the fact that there is no “consensus” on this issue, instead of just admitting that he really doesn’t know what he is talking about, Bush claimed that it was “moving their way” because of Ultrasound technology.

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Nice to know that he believes himself to be clairvoyant. Though it does make one wonder what he thought would come of trying to excuse a massive policy reversal with, well, nothing really. We really are used to him just talking and not thinking much so, at least, we aren’t shocked. 

Watch the confusion here:


Feature image via screen capture from YouTube

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