ISIS Horror Story: Teen And Pre-Teen Girls Taken By Fighters As Slaves (VIDEO)

It has been known for some time that ISIS fighters treat people in the territory they capture with incredible cruelty. Now, a 17-year-old girl who was captured by the group is talking about how she was taken by ISIS fighters to be used as a sex slave.

The girl, a member of the Yazidi tribe, tells the story of how ISIS fighters took her and her younger sister, abusing them both physically and sexually over a period of nine months. She says she is pregnant with an ISIS fighter’s baby.

According to the Daily Mail, the girl describes her ordeal at the hands of ISIS as being “like choosing between death and death.” She tells of how she was kidnapped in August of 2014, when ISIS fighters overran the town of Shingal, forcing thousands of Yazidis to flee into the mountains.

The ISIS fighters then took her and other girls to Raqqa, Syria. There, the girls were examined to determine who were virgins. Those girls were then taken to a room where they were inspected by ISIS members, who purchased the ones they wanted. She, her 10-year-old sister, and two other girls were purchased by a fighter from Chechnya, named “Al-Russiyah.”

Al-Russiyah would inspect the girls daily. The girl says that he would sniff them, and choose the one he wanted to have sex with. His bodyguards would then take the others for sex.

“I didn’t feel anything,” she says of her time in captivity. “I just felt numb. I wanted it to be over. I wanted to kill myself.” In April, Al-Russiyah and his bodyguards were killed by Kurdish soldiers, and the girls were able to get away.

Yazidi society is described as “very patriarchal,” and the girls are not safe even at home. The 17-year-old says that her uncle has threatened to kill her if she was abused by the ISIS fighters. Girls who have been taken by ISIS are considered “tainted” by other Yazidi.

The way ISIS treats female slaves is actually part of official policy. Newsweek reported in December that ISIS published a pamphlet on the treatment of slaves that says it is “permissible” to have intercourse with non-Muslim slaves. ISIS members are also allowed to beat them and sell them. So, what happened to the Yazidi girls was not at the hands of a rogue fighter, but was actually part of behavior that is allowed for members of ISIS.

Some critics of Islam point to the horrors of ISIS as “proof” that Islam is a religion of violence. But it is important to remember that no groups such as ISIS operated in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. While radical Islamic groups have existed for years, the majority of Muslims, and non-Muslim citizens of Iraq and other countries lived their daily lives without fear of those groups. The stories of rape, torture, and murder at the hands of ISIS are stories that would not exist were it not for George W. Bush’s criminal war.

Here is a report from the Daily Mail about the ordeal of women and girls under ISIS:

Featured image via screen capture from the Daily Mail

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