‘Is This Random Black Guy Bothering You’: Women React To Blatant Racism (VIDEO)

In the age of YouTube and other social networking sites, we are often inundated with social experiments. Some of them really strike a chord in viewers, like the homeless experiments where indigent people are given money and someone watches to see what they’ll do with it. Alan Sinclair, a v-blogger staged one of these thought-provoking experiments on the UCLA campus in 2014.

The video,”Racial Cockblocking At Ucla,” seems kind of stupid when you first begin watching it. It shows Alan, an African-American, walking up to white girls (and a Latina) to ask for directions. While he is speaking to the girls, a white guy walks up and says:

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Is this random black guy bothering you?

The girls react in a variety of ways; One calls them both “weird,” most apologize to Alan and one girl even cries.

The purpose of the video was to show how people react when confronted with blatant racism. At one point they approached a male student who responded to the ignorance by telling Alan that,”everyone has their own opinions.” He said it as if free speech excuses someone the vile behavior displayed by the “racist white guy” in the experiment.

Another thing that really struck me about the video is that it perfectly illustrates some people’s reactions to seeing interracial couples. While the white guy in the video may not have really been a racist, I can assure you that in 2016 there are still people like his character.

I have been married to my husband for twelve years, he is Hispanic and I am as white as white can be (seriously, blue eyes, freckles, glow-in-the-dark skin white) and when we are out together we still get side-eye from people. I have even had people suggest that I am married to my husband because I “couldn’t get a white guy.” I had no idea that my iridescent skin means I am only supposed to be with someone who is equally as Aryan as I, but ‘Murika.

So even though the acting is really bad in this video, it definitely demonstrates very real issues in this country.

Watch it and tell us what you think:

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