‘Is God Taking Down Trump?’: Joy Reid Trolls Michele ‘God Picked Trump’ Bachmann SO HARD (VIDEO)

In no uncertain terms Michele Bachmann claimed that God himself had a hand in the selection of Donald Trump to be the Republican candidate. (Before you take that to mean anything too spectacular, she has a knack for claiming divine insight – with laughable results. She believed God chose HER to be president at one time; which didn’t work out so well. Then there was that whole thing about the Brussels terror attack being sent by God to humiliate Obama for not getting along with Netanyahu. Yeah, she said that too.)

It’s almost as if Michele Bachmann has no idea what the hell God is doing and is using his name to have an influence over Evangelical voters.

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Thankfully, she finally got called out by Joy Reid on CNN after Trump’s recent horrific comments about some poor woman’s “pussy.” And her question is a fair one. Far from simply rubbing the statement in her guest’s face or poking fun at her over the top religious views Reid was drawing a logical conclusion from Bachmann’s past statements:

You Congresswoman, back on August 30th of this year, said on a show called The Brody File, that God had raised up Donald Trump; that Donald Trump had been raised up to be the Republican nominee. And you went on to say that God “lifts up who he will and takes down who he will.” So it seems to me, just based on your past statements, this was either done to Donald Trump by himself, by David Fahrenthold, by somebody at Access Hollywood or by God. And I wonder if you now believe that God has “taken down who he will?”

Essentially what she’s asking is: If God is in control of this process and was responsible for bringing Donald Trump to the forefront of the Republican party, then why is his campaign imploding as we speak?

Unfortunately, Bachmann isn’t forced to simmer in this uncomfortable position for too long. Don’t get me wrong, there are several minutes where she just sits there like a deer in headlights, but she could have been held to the fire a little better if Chris Matthews hadn’t been there. He speaks right up at the first mention of God and starts defusing the situation. At first I thought he was defending Bachmann, but I think he just honestly doesn’t want to hear another one of her crazy Jesus rants. Who can blame him?

Here’s the Interview:

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