Internet Win! After Mom’s Apology Post Goes Viral, She Meets Person Her Kids Were Rude To (VIDEO)

It all started when a mom dropped off her daughter and step-daughter with her son to watch Cinderella at the movies. Throughout the movie the two girls were so loud and rude it was bad enough for the woman in front of them, who was there with her own daughter, to turn around and say something. When the mother of the two girls found out about what happened from her son she was horrified and went immediately to social media to try and find the woman and apologize.

The mom of the two girls, Kyesha Smith Wood, went on her Facebook profile and made a public post that read:

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“This is a long shot, but I’m looking for a woman that was at Tannehill Premier tonight seeing Cinderella at 7pm. I dropped my teenage daughter, step daughter, and son off at the movie. My son later told me, much to my humiliation and embarrassment, that my girls were rude and obnoxious during the movie. The woman I’m looking for addressed them and asked them to be quiet and they were disrespectful. After the movie she approached my girls and told them that her husband had been laid off and this was the last movie she would be able to take hr daughter to for a while and my girls ruined that for her. If you are this woman, please message me. I can assure you that these girls are being strongly dealt with and appropriately punished. This rude, disrespectful, and awful behavior is unacceptable and they owe you an apology. My husband and I are having them write your apology letter tonight and we would like to pay for your next movie and snacks out of their allowance. Please message me if this is you. I apologize profusely for their disrespect.”

via Facebook

via Facebook

The post then went viral, especially so after the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office shared the post. It garnered over 250,000 shares, and as luck and the power of social media would have it, the mom who turned around to speak to the two girls, Rebecca Boyd, saw the post.

The two moms were then able to meet and Wood held true to the promise of an apology letter from the girls and their allowance money to pay for another movie.

Wood was happy Boyd approached her girls to let them know they were rude and said:

“I think more parents have to do that.”

I would add, more people in general.

Wood added:

“The intention was never to embarrass or humiliate the girls, but at the same time, I think they kind of understand the power of social media and how quickly the things you do wrong can spread.”

Boyd said:

“I believe they’re good girls… They just made some mistakes.”

Just goes to show that the internet can definitely work for the power of good, not just cat videos and Twitter trolls.

Check out the story via ABC News below:

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