Innocent Muslim Family’s Home Shot At By Racist Who Blames Them For Paris Attacks (VIDEO)

If Americans (and in particular, Floridians) can be counted on for one thing, it’s addressing every single problem with guns.

A Muslim family in East Orange, Florida woke up to find bullet holes in their house. It’s suspected this is some sort of “retaliation” for the ISIS attacks in Paris. From the Orlando Sentinel.

When Elmasri, her husband, Amir Elmasri, and their children returned to their Carey Way home in the Lake Kehoe Preserve subdivision off Lake Underhill Road at about 10:25 a.m. Sunday, they noticed a bullet hole on their metal garage door.

‘Papa, what is that? Is that a bullet?’ Elmasri recalled his 11-year-old son asking when they pulled their family van into the driveway.

Not only was there a bullet in the garage door, it went all the way inside, where it landed inside a six-drawer dresser. There were two other bullets on the house’s side.

The family believes that the shootings were because they were Muslim and for no other reason. Ironically, that very same night, their 12-year-old daughter was at a Girl Scout meeting where she painted a picture of peace signs with an Eiffel Tower backdrop, in honor of the victims in Paris.

The Elmarsris live in a gated community, so whoever did this had to have known them and that they are Muslims. Here’s the video:

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