In 6 Seconds, Road Raging White Guy Calls Black Woman ‘N*gger’ Twice, Threatens Her (VIDEO)

In yet another video that needs to be forwarded to every Republican who claims that racism is over in America, an almost assuredly “not-racist” white man was captured hurling slurs at, and threatening, an African-American woman who did nothing more than talk on her cell phone at a red light.

Monica Johnson of Nashville, Tennessee was stopped at a red light next to an elementary school talking to her daughter on the phone when a nice, white gentleman pulled up next to her. Johnson was only able to capture six seconds of the man’s rant on camera, but it’s enough to reveal his character. “I put the windows down so I could hear him clearly and I was baffled,” Johnson told Fox17. What Johnson heard was the yet-unidentified man screaming obscenities:

“Put it down n*gger! Put it down n*gger! If you let me catch you b*tch, I’ll punch the f*ck out of you.”

Johnson says she is unaware of anything she could have possibly done to the man, but speculates that she was targeted because of her skin color — though one would struggle to guess what  would give her that idea — you know, besides all the “n*gger” stuff.

“It wasn’t because of me,” Johnson said. “It’s because of what I represent, and I represent black people, but I hadn’t done anything personal to him.”

“He made the threat he would punch me in my face,” said Johnson, who shared the video on social media. “That’s huge.” While she did manage to capture the man’s face on camera, Johnson was not able to get his license plate number. After encouragement from those who viewed her video, the victim of the verbal assault now says she will be speaking to police.

“I want his employers to see it, his friends to see it, his church, his family. I want them to see how he behaves towards people of color. I’m not the only black person here in Nashville. If he would say to me, he would say it to someone else,” she said.

Watch the video, below:



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