Huckabee Opposes Same-Sex Marriage Because Love Is Too ‘Emotional And Sentimental’ (VIDEO)

People get married for many reasons, but love is usually at the top of that list. Most people, regardless of political ideology, can pretty much agree that marrying for love is a good thing, right? In fact, when people get married because someone is pregnant, or, worse, for money or some other nefarious purpose, they are usually looked down upon. Well, one person who does not believe that love is a good enough reason to get married is theocrat and GOP 2016 wannabe Mike Huckabee.

You see, Mike Huckabee thinks that the current, modern idea of love is, quote, “too emotional and sentimental.” He is saying this, of course, to criticize the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage. Justice Anthony Kennedy, who penned the affirmative ruling, said that marriage “embodies the highest ideals of love.”

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Well, of course, this means that the rabidly homophobic Gov. Huckabee had to go and say that love is bad. He went on CNN Sunday morning and ranted that this “emotional and sentimental” idea of love will destroy all marriages.

That’s funny. I always thought that infidelity, money problems, general incompatibility, divorce, and other things that routinely cause marriages to fail, and the idea that marriage is no longer “til death do us part” is what is destroying marriages. In fact, I’d think the ability for loving couples everywhere to marry, regardless of the genders of the people involved, would strengthen the dying institution of marriage, not destroy it.

This is just another way for Mike Huckabee to justify his rabid prejudice and hatred of the LGBTQ community. We can marry now, just like our straight counterparts, and he and those who think like him can’t stand it. They’ve lost this war, but they are still holding on to the idea that they can poison minds in the other direction, even if it means attacking universally approved of concepts like the human ability to love.

My advice to you, Gov. Huckabee, is to give it up. You’re making a fool of yourself. Better yet, keep talking. The more you and your compatriots in the GOP continue to make this an issue, the more disconnected you show yourselves to be with the American people. To that end, you assure another Democratic presidency in 2016. Thanks, Huck!

Watch video of Huckabee’s comments below:

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