Homophobic Pastor Launches ‘Crazy Rant’ Against Fellow Pastor For Not Wanting To Kill Gays (VIDEO)

A Christian pastor has just completely lost it in front of his congregation, all because a fellow pastor did not think killing gay people was a good thing to do.

Pastor David Berzins of Word of Truth Baptist Church, based out of Prescott Valley, Arizona, voiced his concerns about his fellow clergyman and why he thinks he is erring from the faith of a “true follower.”

I think it’s very clear in the Bible that people with same-sex attractions should be stoned to death. Look, I like the guy. I think he’s a Christian, he’s saved, he does soul-winning, he believes in a King James Bible, and it’s a Baptist Church. But, they don’t believe that homosexuals should be stoned, and because of that their teachings are invalid.

Basically, he is getting his panties all in a wad because even though this other pastor has exactly the same views as he does in pretty much everything else, he is wrong from not wanting to be associated with the stoning of homosexuals. This, he thinks, is a good teaching moment for his church. Don’t ever question God, he says.

Watch this pastor give a hate-filled speech in the name of religion:

H/T: Bad Preachers | Featured Image: You Tube Screen Capture

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