Homophobic Parents Banish Texas Teen To ‘Pray Away The Gay’ Camp For Entire Year (VIDEO)

A San Antonio teenager named Sarah has been sent (against her will) to a Christian boarding facility in East Texas in order to “Pray Away the Gay.”

The girl’s parents discovered that she was gay when she decided to take her girlfriend to prom. Instead of supporting her, they sent her away to a place where she’s enduring god knows what for being who she is. Sarah will be forced to stay there with no communication with the outside world for an entire year.

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Sarah tried to escape the “camp” but was caught by staff. Now other family members are trying to free her from the facility and have set up a GoFundMe page in order to help with some of the legal costs.

Sarah’s cousin Joey Jordan, who also happens to play Winn Schott on the TV series Supergirl, is leading the charge to free her from what is essentially a prison. He stated that “instead of preparing for college and competing in the state debate tournament, she’ll be doing forced labor every day and enduring Bible-based ‘therapy’ for her ‘disease.'”

I can’t believe beautiful, smart, incredible kids like my cousin Sarah are still being told that being gay is wrong,” Jordan, 31, wrote on Facebook. “But it’s worse than that for Sarah … She’s been placed at a remote boarding facility to help ‘pray away the gay’ for a year with no communication to the outside world.

The family has hired a well-known attorney, Christine Andresen, who has a lot of experience litigating LGBT issues. The money raised from the GoFundMe page will be used to cover legal fees and Joey Jordan said, “if there is any money from the GoFundMe campaign left over, it will be placed in a college fund for Sarah, since we do not expect her parents to contribute to her college costs if we are successful in having Sarah released.” Let’s hope they are successful before this poor girl suffers any permanent psychological damage.

Watch the full report from KENS5 via WFAA here:

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