Homeowners Association Threatens To Sue Because Homeowner Installed Wheelchair Ramp (VIDEO)

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are everything right-wingers think they hate about government. Homeowners pay to have the soulless associations to strip them of their individuality and to provide the ultimate in nanny state rules.

HOAs, though, are just proof that the free market can be as repressive as any governmental agency. In Tennessee, one such HOA not only strips people of individuality, it’s trying to strip one homeowner of his right to access his own home.

A Brentwood HOA is threatening to sue a family if they don’t take down their wheelchair ramp – which was installed after Michael Broadnax, the owner of the home, suffered a stroke.

A few days before last Thanksgiving, his wife Charlotte was given the good news that her husband could come home for therapy, but she would need to have a ramp installed and the home would need to be inspected for his safety. Charlotte had the wheelchair ramp installed to specifications, now, the family is being sued.

On June 1, Broadnax received a letter from the HOA saying that the ramp need to be removed within 14 days. According to the letter:

[The Declaration] authorizes the association to come onto your property and remove the ramp and charge you with the work,” Charlotte Broadnax read.

The letter then reads, “If you force the association to sue you, it will seek a court order” and charge the Broadnax’s for attorney’s fees.

Source: WSMV

After WSMV contacted the homeowner’s association, they the HOA relented, saying that the Broadnax had not received approval for the ramp and that the HOA didn’t know that the ramp was for the homeowner. They are now willing to work with the homeowners regarding the “appearance and location of the ramp.”

They did not note that they would pay if the ramp had to be moved.

Here’s the video:

WSMV Channel 4

Featured image via WSMV video screen capture

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