Hobby Lobby Owners Under Investigation For Importing Illicit Iraq Artifacts — Ties to ISIS? (VIDEO)

The Green family, owners of the successful Hobby Lobby chain of arts and crafts stores, didn’t hesitate to use faith as a weapon in a fight with the federal government over birth control provisions of The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). They took their case all the way to the Supreme Court and won, citing their strong religious beliefs as a reason for noncompliance with the law.

However, their faith (and assumed belief in the Ten Commandments) doesn’t seem to have been a hindrance when they chose to illegally import thousands of religious cultural artifacts from The Middle East, including some from Iraq.

For the past four years, the Greens have been under investigation for the ‘illicit importation of cultural heritage from Iraq.’ And while a firm connection has not yet been made, it is no secret that ISIS is receiving a large portion of its funding from the sale of such artifacts on the international black market.

Yes, the conservative Christian Green family could be funding international terrorism as they covet and plunder the Middle East’s cultural heritage.

The federal investigation of the family was triggered by a U.S. Customs seizure of a shipment of 200-300 clay tablets en route from Israel to Oklahoma City. The tablets were bound for the Green’s nonprofit Museum of the Bible, which is due to open in 2017.

While officials with the museum downplayed the investigation as a result of ‘incomplete paperwork,’ Hobby Lobby’s CEO Steve Green said the family’s religious artifact collection, which includes over 40,000 pieces, could contain items the family ‘unwittingly’ acquired through illicit means.

Is it possible that we have some illicit ‘artifacts’? That’s possible.

Let’s see. Refuse to offer contraceptive services to your employees? It goes against our strong religious beliefs. Potentially fund an international terror group through the purchase of a country’s cultural heritage to fill your ‘nonprofit’ religious museum? We’re good with that.

Apparently they don’t have an issue with the whole ‘thou shalt not covet or steal’ thing.

Featured image courtesy of becketfund.org.

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