Heroic Pit Bull Defends Woman From Abusive Boyfriend, City Demands She Get Rid Of Dog (VIDEO)

A 38-year-old Hazel Park, Michigan, woman was saved from a domestic violence incident by her two-year-old pit bull. Now, the city is telling her that she has to get rid of the dog.

The woman, identified as Jamie Crechkowski, says that her pit bull, Isis, or “Ice,” saved her from an attack by her boyfriend. Police say that the boyfriend, 39-year-old Jamie Dopke, became drunk, angry, and violent. When he attacked Crechkowski, Ice intervened. Crechkowski says,

Finally, when my head got hit against the wall, she just grabbed his pantleg, and, she was done. She was done with him abusing me, abusing her.

Police say that Dopke turned himself in last Thursday. Dopke claims that Ice attacked him, and that he required 30 stitches to close the wounds on his leg.

Now, police are saying that Ice must go.

“If I had a dog, and I was being attacked by somebody, I would hope that my dog would intervene,” an unidentified Hazel Park police officer tells WJBK.

Despite the fact that Ice saved her owner from further harm at the hands of her now ex-boyfriend, police told Crechkowski that she would have to get rid of the dog. Hazel Park residents are not permitted to own pit bulls. Fortunately, given the circumstances, Ice will not be euthanized, but Jamie has five days to find a new home for her. She says that losing her dog, and her protection, breaks her heart.

“My dog’s not ferocious, she’s sweet,” Crechkowski says. “Thank god they’re allowing me to do home quarantine now, but it’s been pretty traumatizing for me. I definitely don’t feel safe without her.”

Crechkowski says she doesn’t know what she will do. She says that the apartment, and all the utilities are in Dopke’s name. Now, she’s facing the prospect of losing her home, and her main source of protection.

Here’s a report, from WJBK:

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